It’s already (Seolnal) in our second home, Korea, so I wanted to wish everyone fortune and happiness for this coming new lunar year.  We have a lot of friends and family over there, still, so I expect you’re getting set to enjoy a very long weekend.  Likewise, best wishes to those elsewhere on the globe who are celebrating. The outgoing Year of the Snake was said to be one of focus […]

I’ve seen weather like this before but not in a long time and not so relentlessly extreme. Let me first express my hope that you all had tremendously enjoyable holidays.   Across most of North America, and for us included, it’s been quite a wild ride meteorologically. We spent our Christmas in New Brunswick, having travelled up from Halifax during a small window of fair weather on the Saturday before.  A […]

  My old pens and ink cartridges were right there in the closet on top of everything.  I dusted them off and doodled this one in honour of the holiday and current events in Canada.  It’s my first cartoon in years, I think. Edit #1: I now notice that I tried to complete it so fast that I forgot to colour in the candy.  Turns out that while my pens […]

I was never a great cook.  While I can keep my cool under most routine circumstances, kitchens always flustered me as I zeroed in on trying to maintain time management over tasks that I felt I had no business doing.   When we got the house, however, I started lobbying to get our first barbecue.  It was mid- to late-summer sale before we finally picked it up, but I got my money’s […]

Sitting down to write at this website feels a bit like visiting my attic.  I’ve used my email at this domain for over a decade now, but the site itself has largely been secondary.  My blog was run through another site, first detailing Korea and then a bit from Canada, until my daily routine became too mundane to bother sharing (which is a fundamental part of Canadian culture and why […]